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Below is some extra information about the service that we provide. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Where do we begin?  Seriously though, if you have made it this far through our website (well done by the way!) you would have seen that we offer something very different to the average photobooth supplier – one of the main ways we are different is that our service actually bridges the gap between the traditional photobooth experience and a studio photographer – no-one else does this!

Each picture is personally adjusted to fit the frame, and it is done so seamlessly, you won’t even know it is happening. The average photobooth has a fixed depth of field, we adjust it before every shot, so that regardless of whether you have one small child in the picture, or a group of 12, your image composition will be as good as it can be – that’s personal service for you!

Not only do we offer both indoor and outdoor booths, we have the most unique Campervan booth in the country,  the only VW T25 booth, who also has a penchant for dressing up. . .  We can theme the Camper in a number of different ways, from Wild West, to Festival or Floral, or we can do a fab Christmas theme aswell, which is popular for our work with local councils Christmas street markets or outdoor Christmas Fairs.

Every hire includes a booth host to facilitate the whole process, (and guide your guests so that the best pictures are produced), a backdrop of your choice, a custom personalised print design, instant prints, a huge trunk of high quality props. Hi-Res digital images of the whole event can be accessed from a secure online gallery the day after the event.

Absolutely! We never leave our equipment un-attended as our USP is that we facilitate every photo so that each shot is the best it can be. There will be a trained booth attendant present for the whole evening to assist operation, to organise (and re-organise!) the props as necessary, and to answer any questions you or your guests may have.

To make the whole experience more memorable, you can add any of the following at an extra cost (Please see pricing pages)

Options are Plain or personalised guestbook, Additional prints, Custom filters, Green screen digital backgrounds, USB stick with the whole digital file copied on, Additional hours and Idle hours if you need the booth set up a lot earlier than the hire time.

All our booths use DSLR cameras, not a web-cam in sight, which ensures excellent quality &results, but if you really want the best , our Studio booth is the highest spec unit currently available, and has won numerous awards in the photobooth industry.

We LOVE themed party! We can accommodate a themed party in a number of ways – themed props, themed Greenscreen background, or themed photo designs – please do get in touch to discuss this and we can go through the options with you!

The largest booth is the Campervan Booth , which needs approximately 5m square, but this is not normally an issue as its generally outside in a large garden or field. The second largest is the Inflatable which is a essentially a cube of 2.4m squared; we normally like a little extra room for our prop table, but we can put it inside the booth if necessary.

The booth which takes up the least space is our open booth, as it is essentially the size of an average person , so it can fit anywhere, at all, and if you really are pushed for space, you can use it without a backdrop and then it can stand against a wall and take up no more space than one extra guest!

As with many things in life, less is often more. . . Please don’t assume that you need the booth from the beginning to the end of your event – to get the very best out of your booth hire we recommend having it  during the middle part of your party or event. If you want to get the very best images, the booth hire should finish at least an hour or two before the end of the party; I am sure you can understand when we say the photos definitely go downhill after a certain time of night. . . (Unless it is an ‘alcohol-free’ event of course!)

The short answer? YES! Many photobooth suppliers do not allow children to use the booth as they complain about being used as a baby-sitting service at weddingse tc, but our view is, if  the kids are having fun, then the parents are able fun, and that’s what we are there for.

We are based near Gatwick in West Sussex – the main areas we cover are Surrey, Sussex, Kent and London, but in certain circumstances we travel further , especially if someone wants one of our booths that is not available in their area. If we are travelling more than 50 miles, then we do add on a little extra for travel costs.

This does depend on the type of booth you want to hire, but we generally arrive an hour before the booked start time in order  to give us enough time to set up, do a test print, then have some breathing space before the fun begins!

No. Every price quoted is the price you pay. Unless you choose to upgrade to a different package


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