Special Features


Not Just A Photobooth. . .

Digital Backgrounds

‘Greenscreen technology’ is built in to all our booths, and you can use this to give your guests a much more interactive experience. Let them choose a background – from a tropical beach to the Australian outback, to Times Square. If you have a themed party we can create backgrounds specifically for you.

Anything is possible – we can even create a multi-layered scene or have you guests as front page magazine stars. . . Have a chat to us about your ideas!

Animated GIFs/Boomerangs

With the popularity of Instagram, most people these days know what is meant by a ‘Boomerang’ or GIF . For those who may not have come across it, it is a fun and interactive feature on our booths which takes a series of photos, then put them together to create an effect of a moving image. The Boomerang effect just makes it play as a continuous loop effectively joining the end back to the beginning. Its great fun, and a great add-on for something a little different at your event.

Filters, Filters and more filters.

Everyone loves a filter, and the choice of filters on our Studio Booth puts everyone else on the naughty step. There are simply LOADS available, and your guests can have a ball seeing themselves in as many different styles as they like before printing their images.

Black and White Elegance.

Our own personal favourite, and we admit that we would happily only do black and white photos at every event forevermore. But we understand its not for everyone, but if you want to have some Kardashian style glamour combined with a timeless classic feel, then do B & W. We will love you for it!

Face Morphing

Our hidden Gem, this feature is really rather mind blowing! Using the very latest technology, this is the only booth that has this software built in, it allows your guests to literally transform themselves into the character of their choice, their favourite idol, or a superhero right before their eyes.

Absolutely perfect for a themed party,

It’s mesmerising. . .


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